This Month at PTSLUG:

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Basic Mac / iOS

An Introduction to Preview

This week’s Basic 30 minute program will feature Apple’s Mac program, Preview. Preview is a substitute for Adobe Reader, but it is much more. With Preview, you can read, manipulate, and amend PDFs. You can also view, manipulate and enhance photos. You can even add your “real” signature to documents. Come see how you can put Preview to work for you as never before.

Please join us at the Tri-Area Community Center from 6:30 to 7 PM on Thursday, April 11th for Gary’s 30-minute presentation.

General Membership Meeting

A discussion of the business and direction of PTSLUG.  We will also elect the board and officers for the next year.

Evening Topic

Open Questions and Answers

Bring your questions.  Bring your answers.  Join us for an open forum of Mac and iOS questions and answers.

Afternoon Class

Getting Organized on Your Mac

Think of your Mac as the ultimate file cabinet. It stores hundreds/thousands of files - text documents, emails, PDFs, photos, music, videos and more. The trick is to be able to find the document or photo that you want when you need it. This class will discuss ways you can organize documents and photos and just as importantly how you can search for and find the things you have filed. The class will cover documents (the Finder) and the Apple Mail and Photos apps.

In PTSLUG’s April workshop Gary Estes and Bob Snow will work with you to better organize the documents, emails and photos on your Mac. The workshop is primarily for Mac users, so while those wanting to organize things on iPhones and iPads can benefit from some of the material presented, especially photos, the workshop is really designed for Mac users.

This free workshop will be on Friday, April 19th, from 2 to 4 PM at the Kala Point clubhouse. PTSLUG members with Macs and their dues current will have priority on signing up, but the event is open to all community members.

Please do not try to signup based on this announcement. Wait for our email announcement, which will be sent out later this month.

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