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Basic Mac / iOS

Web Browsers (Part 2) - The Right Way to Search the Web

Joe Kissell author of “Are Your Bits Flipped - Overcoming Tech Misconceptions” says “Everyone knows how to search the Web, right? Maybe, but not everyone knows how to search the Web right.” In this month’s Apple basics presentation Bob Snow will talk about Joe’s idea of the importance of “understanding both the theory and the mechanics of how Web searches work…”

Join us from 6:30 to 7 PM at the Port Townsend Community Center on Thursday, July 11th for this 30-minute presentation.

General Membership Meeting

The business of PTSLUG.

Evening Topic

Travelling with your iOS Device

Summer has arrived and summer vacations are upon us.  But how can one best utilize an iPhone or an iPad while travelling?  Don McAllister of Screencastsonline has the answer.  Joins us as we watch Travelling with your iOS Devices: How to Optimise you iOS Devices for Travel at the Port Townsend Community Center.

Afternoon Class

On hiatus for the summer

The afternoon class will return in September 2019.

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