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Basic Mac / iOS

Finding and fixing some common iOS and Mac Problems

One of the selling points of a Mac or an iOS device has been that “it just works” and users generally won’t find themselves spending a lot of time troubleshooting issues. However, when something on your device does go wrong there are some common fixes. Bob Snow’s 30-minute presentation will look at how to identify and fix some of these issues.

Please join us at the Chimacum Tri-Area Community Center on Thursday, February 21st from 6:30-7:00 pm to explore this area.

General Business Meeting

A discussion of the business of PTSLUG.

Evening Topic

Using Mission Control and Spaces on a Mac

Mission Control and Spaces allow Mac users to organize their desktops with a great degree of flexibility.  Do you work with multiple applications open or multiple windows within an application open?  If so, Mission Congrol and Spaces can make working on your Mac easier.  Join us to learn about these tools that are built in to the Mac operating system and see if they might be right for you.

Afternoon Class

Learn More About Pages

Pages is a tremendous application from Apple and is included for free with Macs and iOS devices. Pages is Apple's word processing and layout application. (Think Microsoft Word but simpler to use.) This month’s free, two-hour workshop will explore many of the basics of the application.

Not only is Pages an excellent and easy to use word processing tool, it can also be used as a fine page layout program. Gary Estes will show you some of the tricks you will need to lay out professional looking posters, newsletters, and other graphic expressions. Pages layout graphics can also be integrated with other programs such as Photoshop and iMovie.

Bob Snow will some of the word processing features and common uses of Pages, including (time permitting) the template browser, the user interface, saving & restoring files, working with text, using bullets & lists, text layout options, incorporating smart links, turning Pages documents to PDF and Microsoft Word documents (and vice versa), and using the text box.

The workshop will be from 2-4 PM on Friday, February 22nd at the Kala Point clubhouse.

To signup for this workshop please respond to the email announcement you will be sent later this month. Do not try to signup from this announcement. While all are welcome, priority for the 16 spaces is given to paid up PTSLUG members.

(Note: Because this month’s general meeting occurs only a day before the workshop, there will be no advance signups at this month’s meeting. That feature will return in March.)

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