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Basic Mac/iOS Presentation

The Dock and the Home Screen

The Dock has been a core aspect of the Mac experience since the earliest days of Mac OS X. It displays open applications, offers a quick way to launch favorite apps, and holds shortcuts for documents and folders. You have probably used the Dock so often and for so long that you donʼt think about it. The months’s Apple basics will cover the Dock and some of the things it does from basics to tweaky capabilities that may be new to you.

For iPhone and iPad users the presentation will look at the Home Screen, which is the center of the iPhone and iPad universe. It's where you store, find, and launch all your Apps, but there is more, it also integrates Spotlight (search),  has a Today View, Notification Center, Control Center, and Siri is just a swipe or shout away.  For those with 3D Touch, Home Screen also offers an increasing range of shortcuts so you can see widgets or jump to actions more quickly than ever.

Join us from 6:30 to 7 PM for Apple Basics, at the Tri-Area Community Center on Thursday, December 14th for Bob Snow’s presentation.

General Business Meeting

Those of you who have been members for some time will remember that December is usually the month for our general membership meeting, board and executive elections.  In December of 2016 we voted to move the general membership meeting to April in the hopes of having a larger portion of the membership present.  During this business meeting, we will discuss the elections and meeting to take place in April as well as the usual business.

Evening Topic

General Questions and Answers

Join us for an open questions and answers session.  Bring your questions.  Bring your answers.  Bring your ideas for future topics.  Anything goes at the end of the year meeting.

Afternoon  Class

On break for the holidays.

Afternoon classes will resume in January 2018.

Current Handouts and Links

To see the handout for Gary’s iMovie/Photos presentation, click here.

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Our General Meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month. Our meeting place in even months is at the Tri-Area Community Center in Chimacum, and in odd months is the Port Townsend Community Center. The General Meeting is divided into three segments: 

6:30 PM - Beginning Mac Presentation
7:00 PM - Business Meeting / Q & A Period
7:30 PM - Featured Presentation

You are welcome to attend any or all of these segments. This meeting is free and open to the public.
      Afternoon Class
The Monthly Afternoon Class covers a variety of topics related to both Mac and iOS devices. These are generally hands-on classes to help you better understand both the operating systems and the programs that run on them. This SIG meets on the fourth Friday of the month at the WSU Computer Room. These classes are free, but require reservations via our email list. Please subscribe to our email list above.

From time to time we record the audio and screen actions from presentations, or to illustrate answers to frequently asked questions. These screencasts can be a good source for video tutorials on Mac functions you may not be familiar with. To view these screencasts, please visit our Vimeo Gallery.